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Saving and Sharing the Wedding Planning Images You Love!

By Claire

I love the concept behind Pinterest. It’s a bit new, but anything bright and shiny and ambitious makes me smile.

Pinterest share images website

Pinterest share images website - screengrab

For brides and grooms planning a wedding, it’s a fantastic idea. Browse the web, spot an image you love, bang a pin in it. It’ll appear on your pin board at Pinterest. Such an easy way to save all the ideas you find and love, and to share them with your friends and on wedding forums and stuff.

Thanks to Farrell & Chase for their blog post where I found Pinterest.

Sharing wedding planning images

Once again, the beauty of being a wedding blogger and running my own wedding business makes me think a bit harder about this. I’m aware of design copyright issues with images of things like wedding stationery and jewellery. I’ve seen the bunfights on forums many times!

I ask permission before I publish any photographer’s images on my blog. But if I’m browsing the web for images say for a personal art project I won’t be sharing online – I right-click and borrow from anywhere, quite guilt-free. Personally as a calligrapher I’m happy for anyone (legit) to grab an image from my site so long as they credit and link to me.

I’d like to throw this question out to all wedding photographers, wedding designers of any kind, website owners and brides too: can a site like Pinterest become a great resource for brides, grooms and bloggers – without upsetting anyone?

I hope it can…

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