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Saturday & Shopping

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hi guys. Yesterday completely got away from me.


Jaemen had rehearsal for the summer production of Tom Sawyer at 9, so he, mom and I went to a down town favorite for breakfast.


I had my normal diner fare.



I wasn’t as hungry as normal, I’ve been taking a lot of rest days lately… so I lightened up my usual 2x2x2 with a 1x2x1.

1 egg. 1 slice of toast. 2 slices of bacon.


how to build a summer/fall wardrobe on a budget!!!


Guys! I did it.

About a week ago I tweeted:

would you guys like a post on how to build a summer/fall wardrobe?

A few of you said yes!

I’ve always wanted to try and buy some basic pieces that can go together in countless ways, creating all these different outfits. My Mom and I spent all day yesterday shopping at my favorite (cheap) stores trying to complete a wardrobe that will last all of summer/fall for under $200.

We shopped and got all these pieces at:

  • forever 21
  • h&m
  • target
  • and a random sports authority…

Now… 200 dollars, that sounds like a lot. I’m very frugal. But, I could not buy anything until probably November. That’s not too shabby.

And I really only spent $175 dollars. :mrgreen:



I already had 4 pieces out of the 16 pieces that complete this wardrobe, which was a big help in staying under our budget. But I think that’s really important. When building a wardrobe you need to buy things that already fit your style. That way you’ll be the most confident and comfortable in all the combinations.

So I have a boat load of pictures and some how-to’s for you. But all that will come starting Monday in a post series I’m working on for next week: Build a Summer/Fall Wardrobe on a Budget!

I hope you guys like it. :-D



I made some more curried egg salad. You can find it on my recipe page!!

I had it on sprouted grain bread with a few baked potato chips (all natural and organic).

We took a shopping break around 2pm for some lunch fuel.


Last night I had a few basketball games over at CSU Monterey Bay. So I drank a gingerade kombucha and I had some unpictured red lentil soup for dinner.

Today’s Breakfast


I’m sort of on the fly. We have some more games today and I need to get in the shower.

I fried 2 small eggs in evoo and topped them with salt, pepper and dill. I topped 1 slice of sprouted grain bread with some grape jam and an egg on each half.


This is the best egg combo.


Are you guys interested in how to build a wardrobe???

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