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Best Little Easy Dessert

By Addietellsall @Addietellsall
Best Little Easy DessertBeing on a budget does have it's positive, one such positive I found was that it provided  room for more creativity in the kitchen. As I surveyed our fridge and cabinets for something sweet after dinner I spotted a box of frozen french toast sticks and a half box of  vanilla ice cream. So heres what I did:____
  • Frozen French Toast Sticks
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Light Pancake Syrup
  • Hershey's Chocolate Syrup
  • Naturemade Granola Thins (dark chocolate)

  • Ice Cream Scoop (for a perfect round scoop)

1. Preheat oven to 425. Wait 5mins for oven to warm then place desired number of french toast sticks directly on the oven rack, bake 5mins on each side. This will allow the sticks to get a little crunchy on each side but the soft center will remain.
2. On a plate, using the Hershey's chocolate flavored syrup and regular syrup, drizzle the syrup's across the plate in a zigzag direction in whatever generous proportions you like. I chose to serve on a white plate so that the chocolate and honey colored syrups would stand out and give the overall effect of eating a dessert at a five star restaurant.
3. After the french toast is done place the sticks on top of the syrups and as you do this you'll hear the toast sizzle in the sauce for a split second and it's such a delightful sound. Top the sticks with one large scope of vanilla ice cream. For easy clean up, crush the packet of granola while still keeping the bits in its wrapper.
4. Finally, lightly drizzle a few more strands of syrup across the ice cream for added affect and sprinkle the ground up granola pieces over/around the ice cream and plate. This granola adds another crispy element to a delicious, unusual treat. Enjoy!Enjoyed this post? Well don't miss a beat and Subscribe Now!

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