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Satchel Bags

By Twocherries @twocherriesblog
Satchel Bags

You have probably seen or heard about the new craze for the classic satchel bags, you may even have one (if you do, i'm jealous!). The Cambridge Satchel Company have made classic satchels a very modern accessory  perfect for adding a pop of color to a bland outfit. I love it when old fashions get a modern makeover.Satchel BagsAs you can probably guess, I really like these bags, mostly because they are really practical in size and design. Not to big and not to small.They come in so many different colors, my favorite are the pastels:Satchel BagsI would really recommend getting one of these bags, I'm ordering myself one now!Their website: were in a Google advert!

Love, CherriesSatchel Bags

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