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Sarvenaz and Her Partners in Crime

By Lesassorties @LesAssorties


Sarvenaz Dezvareh and her bunch of super talented fashion friends, a.k.a The Partners in Crime, make designers look good and stand out within the competitive fashion market helping them communicate their brand image and supporting their visual needs – from lookbooks to product photos, videos, and putting together their website. Today, Sarvenaz has built a multidisciplinary team encouraging collaborations between designers, contemporary artists, photographers, videographers, musicians and makeup artists. Sarvenaz discusses her project and the fashion industry in an in-depth interview with us.

Tell us a few words about your company, and what you do.

The Partners in Crime is about showcasing and representing original independent designers, and partnering with them on the creative procedure of their work. It is a creative service to develop and valorize their creations, and in the same time guide their brand through the market.
What I do… I am art director, fashion editor and founder of The Partners in Crime.


Corbier Agostini A/W14-15

How do you choose the creatives you are collaborating with?

The Partners in Crime is about creating a creative family. I choose talents based on the quality of their work, originality and uniqueness in their respective fields, and it is important for me to have a fluid and pleasant collaboration.

What do you look for in the designers you feature in your website?

I am looking for brand and creative talents with original stories and high-quality products. For example, Corbier Agostini by Christophe Corbier & François Agostini, who are counting about thirty years of experience and creation for Thierry Mugler, Lanvin, Jean Paul Gaultier and mainly Junko Shimada, launched their own label and presented the first collection in September 2013. Corbier Agostini is a young brand but with more than 30 years of experience and culture in high fashion.


Jordane Somville S/S ’14


Cecchi de’ Rossi “H Shopping Armor”

What is the most fascinating part of your work?

The most fascinating part of The Partners in Crime for me is the creative friendship that we develop with each designer.

Who were the biggest inspirations for your career?

Growing up in an artistic family, being surrounded with artists and beautiful creative people with big dreams, pursuing studies in visual communication, advertising and art direction; all together inspired me and led me to where I am today.


Corbier Agostini A/W ’14-15


Martine Jarlgaard London S/S ’15

Where does The Partners in Crime excel? Do you feel that there is something you do best?

Excel point of The Partners in Crime is the particular selection of designers/artists – highlighting their singularity and originality – and the way we tell their stories when using variegated media.

How has the digital revolution help you launch your business?

It was during this digital revolution that The Partners in Crime was born.

How do you feel your personal aesthetic is reflected on your work?

Of course it is reflected on my work, but I always consider the identity of the brand and the concept and collection of each season.


Jordane Somville S/S ’14


Martine Jarlgaard London S/S ’15

What is your opinion on “fashion is art?”

Well, I cannot really agree! Fashion can be art, but for me fashion is first and foremost an industry. What I am looking for through The Partners in Crime is “art meeting fashion,” where art becomes a fashion product.

What is your ultimate goal for “The Partners in Crime?”

Sometimes I ask myself the same question – “what is the ultimate goal of The Partners in Crime from me?” – but I prefer to keep the answer as a surprise for future!


Cecchi de’ Rossi “Morphic Pochette”

Images © Sarvenaz Dezvareh

On the Header: Sarvenaz Dezvareh portrait by Benjamin Taguemount

On the featured image: “Seoul” Thomasine Gloves, Photography by Benjamin Taguemount, Art Direction/Styling by Sarvenaz Dezvareh, Studio: Taguemount Studio, Production by The Partners in Crime


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