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Sarah Palin’s Lovelife – Is She Dating Justin “Trouserworm” Bieber?

By Gingerfightback @Gingerfightback


As you know, we here at Gfb take a plunge every now and again into the complicated love life of Sarah Palin, daughter of Michael and  Im. 


Piering into the abyss?

Her passionate romps with chubster Piers Morgan ended recently when Piers sausage didn’t do it for her anymore and Sarah started seeing a new man. Teen pop idol and genuine streak of pi*s Justin Bieber!  


They met at the latest an If You Don’t Own A Bazooka You Are A Fag Commie event in Idaho organised by The National Arm Everyone To The Teeth And We Will All Be Safer Especially From Muslims Other Rag Heads And If You Believe That You Really Are A Deranged Loon Association.

Hank A-Lynchin’ spokesman for the NAETTTAWWABSEFMORAIYBTYRAADLA, told Gfb, “Well…do….ya….feel…..lucky…..punk?” before rushing off to catch the last bus home and avoid a good ticking off from his dear old Ma.

Sarah confided to a close pal, “Justin may be slight, but he is hung like a Picasso and his love sausage is wowzer!!”

Sarah Palin’s Lovelife – Is She Dating Justin “Trouserworm” Bieber?

Sarah’s children Bhuna, Tikka, Dhansak and Dahl, love it when Justin practices his dance steps with them in front of the bathroom mirror. Insiders say that Dahl in particular has a great dance career in front of him. “But that don’ make him a fag or anything,” devout Christian, Sarah has intimated to friends.

Gfb asked Professor Pat Isserie, Lecturer in Lechering, University of Feltham, for his views on these developments. “Phwoarr!” he said.

We wish them well.

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