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Sarah Palin’s Lovelife!

By Gingerfightback @Gingerfightback
Sarah Palin’s Lovelife!


It’s been a while, but regular readers of Gfb will note our delight in making up the love life of Sarah Palin.

We previously reported that she was stepping out with Former Pope, Hitler Youth The First.

Sarah Palin’s Lovelife!

This was after Tanktop McBain, Gfb’s lead reporter learned that Palin’s on/off romance with hunky wonderman Simon Cowell  ended.

Sarah Palin’s Lovelife!

The doyen of the Pea Tarty (who has spoken out about her fear of Leprechauns from Ireland spreading Leprosy) was being consoled by friends after Simon was seen stepping out with his own ego in a classy Anchorage nightspot.

Thank You Simon - For Everything!

So we are grateful that Pope “The Falklands Are British Mate” Argy has stepped in and taken Sarah to Salsa Lessons in Jerusalem.

Sarah Palin’s Lovelife!

The pair are rumoured to be deeply in love.

“He’s a celibate. I love fish too. Especially with parsley sauce. It’s a match made in heaven! And his frocks are to die for!” Sarah has told a close pal.

The Pope is remaining tight lipped about the rumours.

“This is all cobblers,” the Vatican’s press office told us.

Sarah Palin’s Lovelife!

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