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Sandy Hook Auction

By Fangirl_hostess @FanGirl_Hostess
Hi everyone! Just thought I would let you know about this great thing called: Publishing Hearts Connecticut.
What is THAT  you ask? Here is what their website says...
  A fundraiser in the publishing industry to benefit families and victims of the Connecticut Sandy Hook Shooting (auction begins on monday, dec 17th 9 am est) 

About the Auction

How and why are we doing this?
We are devastated about the tragic events that happened last Friday. As parents, we are horrified. It cut me so deeply I needed to do something with that energy and make it positive. Maybe help in some small way.We understand that money could never replace any lives. But from my perspective - as a parent, mother, I needed to do something to give back.
I have children 5 and 8. They attend an elementary school in our neighborhood. We actually went through hve a lock down earlier this year due to an armed robber in our neighborhood. In the end, all the children were fine and there were no events. But, I know the feeling of receiving that robo call about a lock down at the school and the desperation I felt waiting to find out my kids were safe. I cannot imagine how I would feel if thing shad gone differently.We were obviously the lucky ones. This money will go to support the community, families, school, and children affected. They can use it as they need it for any type of relief in the community or schools.  _______________________________________________ Our donation can be found here. Many auctions end soon-- give what you can!You can bid on things or donate your time, books, etc. ________________________"Reach for the moon. Even if you miss you'll land among the stars." - The auctions' website. Our Hearts are broken 

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