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SanDisk Launches ​​microSDHC with Speed 95MB/s

Posted on the 25 June 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u
Memory capacity is one of the most important part in the smartphone or tablet . With a large storage space, users can more freely store data and applications. Generally, these mobile devices have prepared a slot for external memory. Devices that have a small storage capacity, an external memory to be one of the reliable media. Recently SanDisk launched  memory card ​​UHS Speed Class 1 (equivalent to Class 10). SanDisk claims new memory card is capable of read speeds up to 95MB / s and capable of write speeds up to 90MB / s.With the magnitude of this speed, you do not have to wait for a break to open the gallery , play videos, or open a file. For now, the memory is available with 8GB and 16GB capacities. The price for an 8GB memory is around $ 59.99 and the 16GB for around $ 99.99. source

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