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Samsung Reported Employing Children Under Age

Posted on the 16 August 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u
Samsung reported Employing Children Under Age
Chinese companies that assemble the device to Samsung Electronics reportedly violated labor laws.The company employs minors and forcing employees to work past the prescribed working hours. According to a report issued by China Labor Watch, non-governmental organizations aimed at defending the rights of workers in China was reported that there were seven children under 16 years who worked at the plant HEG Electronics (Huizhou). HEG Electronics Factory is a place to make mobile phones and DVD players for Samsung. In the investigations carried out since June and July, young workers must undergo a 'same conditions' with adults and they only paid 70% of other workers. China Labor Watch has previously reported the bad things in the factory Foxconn, the company assembling the iPhone and the iPad. The organization noted a spate of suicides at the plant, but Foxconn denies. The latest report said the working conditions in HEG is 'under' Foxconn. 'The company has clearly violated the labor laws in China, "China Labor Watch said about HEG Electronics. "This problem must be in highlighting the serious. ' China Labor Watch also noted that workers receive overtime between three to five hours a day. Shift workers above 11 pm only given 40 minutes for meal breaks. origin source Bloomberg

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