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S&S; Mobile Review: Mass Effect Infiltrator

Posted on the 15 March 2012 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii

S&S; Mobile Review: Mass Effect Infiltrator

Title:  Mass Effect Infiltrator Format: iOS Release Date: March 2012 Publisher: EA Developer: IronMonkey Studios Price: $6.99 ESRB Rating: T
With the Mass Effect hype at an all time high, Mass Effect Infiltrator was a definite purchase. Any game from the ME Universe always catches my eye, but the game so far, has only frustrated and angered me.

S&S; Mobile Review: Mass Effect Infiltrator Presentation/Story:
You play as Randall Ezno, who is a Cerberus agent.  Randall goes rogue when he finds malicious experiments he doesn't approve us.  The story is okay, but I found it pretty forgettable.  The game looks good overall, especially for an iPad/iPhone game.  The character models really stand out, Randall is impressively detailed.  His movements, on the other hand, look stiff and robotic.  Environments look okay, snowy canyons and Cerberus bases are uninspired, but they get the job done.On the audio side, the main character will constantly spew out one liners as you line up your killshot.  Other characters are voiced solidly.  The game instructs you to use headphones while playing, you will want too.  The game sounds great with good headphones.
S&S; Mobile Review: Mass Effect Infiltrator Core Gameplay:
The controls are my biggest complaint with the game.  The game utilizes a simple tap-to-target, it sounds basic, but ends up being convoluted and monotonous.  When you tap on a target, the camera zooms in, and all  you have to do is aim the reticle.  Randall automatically shoots when you aim the reticle right.  It works when you have a nice size space between you and your enemies.  If you manage to get close to multiple enemies, you'll most likely die, so I found myself dropping my iPad in frustration.  When you're not gunning down robots, the regular walking feels awkward and uncoordinated.  The basic third person shooter elements are there, but just aren't implemented well.  After you finish off a group of enemies, you will be rewarded with credits.  you can spend credits on upgrades to weapons, armor, and new abilities. On occasion, you will have the opportunity to perform Renegade or Paragon acts.  This adds a little more to the game, overall it still feels pretty shallow.  
S&S; Mobile Review: Mass Effect Infiltrator Final Thoughts:
Mass Effect Infiltrator is basic third person shooter, with many similarities to its console versions.  Its not a good game, but it has the ability to appease only the purest of Mass Effect fans.
Final Score = 6/10 Email: [email protected] Twitter: @iSamKulii

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