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Same-Sex Marriage: Equality for All

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

Same-Sex Marriage: Equality for All

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This week has been a huge week for same-sex marriage. I’ve been following the various trending stories all week and decided to write this post after I put some really good thought into what I want to say. If anyone has read any of my post then you already know that I’m a huge fan of love. I have high hopes that everyone finds it and I cheer on anyone in a healthy loving relationship.

When I write about love, I have no limitations as to who anyone finds it with. I believe love is love and if you find it in this day and age it damn near a rare occurrence. I don’t believe love has limitations and I don’t put limitations on the love that I show any of my friends and family. I support same-sex marriage and I believe in equality for all.

I have some important questions that I need someone to answer for me. Who are we to judge who someone should be with? What business is it of ours who someone decides to marry and spend their life with? How does it affect us or our family in any way? And last but not least, to the so called Christians, where in the bible (trust me I know the bible very well) does it say we should judge anyone, we should spew hate against mankind, and we should condemn people to hell? The last time I read the bible there was only one judge and it certainly wasn’t anyone protesting gay marriage. May I suggest that they worry about their own families and their own romantic relationships.

Some may not agree with their lifestyle but it’s their life to live and everyone deserves to be happy. Who are we as a society to say you can’t be happy? This week many people used social media in support of same-sex marriage by changing their profile picture to the Human Rights Campaign logo designed specifically to support same-sex marriage rights. Although I feel this will do very little to win over legislation, I do feel that it’s a great show of support and allows people to descriptively voice their belief. The logo did exactly what it was suppose to do; get people to express their opinion or belief.

I wholeheartedly believe that there are other more hateful issues that people should be protesting about.

Yes, I do believe in equality and I support anyone who loves another regardless of race, sex, or cultural background. Love is a beautiful thing :)

I welcome all respectful comments and opinions

Have a great weekend!

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