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Sam Mountz, The Witty Kid

Posted on the 19 April 2012 by Caliburns @CaliBurns12

Sam Mountz, The Witty KidHearing the lyrical content, and addictive, catchy flow fromSam Mountz, everyone immediately becomes a fan. Your head begins to nod alongto the beat with a smirk on your face; because his lyrics are so ‘witty.’ BornSamuel Mountz, he was raised in the small town of Lebanon, PA. Listeners andconcertgoers are amazed upon first hearing him because he lacked such musicalexperience not much long ago. “I grew upin the Mennonite/Amish community, so I never knew anything about what the musicindustry actually was. My idea of music was a hymn in church,” Sam stated.
Astonishingly,only a few months ago Sam began writing and even listening to rap music. Hebegan to study a vast variety of different genres of music after leaving thecommunity he was raised in and eventually moved to Winter Park, Florida towrite piano music. This is where everything changed.
Sam Mountz, The Witty KidSam iscurrently a student at Full Sail University studying Music Business. There, hebecame exposed to Rap and Hip Hop music; this is also where he met fellowclassmate, and MB/MG, Inc. CEO/Founder/Artist, Ronnie ‘Duke’ Jones. Sam and Duke immediately hit it off and theybegan to write lyrics together.  After ashort time of working together, Sam not only became an artist under MB/MG,Inc., but also the Vice President of Entertainment. Soon after he recorded hisfirst song under MB/MG, Inc., “Soul.” More hits shortly followed. “69 Dimes” is a fun, head bobbing song,while his  “Rack City Remix” arguableputs the original track to shame.
Sam neverthought of becoming a rapper or Hip Hop artist, and was expected to become apianist.  He stated that he is “now doingwhat I want to do.” I must agree, Sam, and also add that you are now doing whatyou were born to do!
For moreinformation on Sam Mountz, ‘Like’ him on Facebook, Follow him on Twitter@SamMountz, visit him on SoundCloud, and become his Fan on ReverbNation. Also, check out some of his performances and videos on MB/MG, Inc.'s YouTube Channel: MBMGTVent.
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