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¡Saludos Desde Viña Del Mar, Chile!

By Verybusymama @verybusymama
¡Hola hola!
It´s been over a week now. Lots going on...I was freelancing just before traveling, then I had to actually get myself organized and packed for my six week trip home.
And here I am now, in Viña del Mar, Chile. It´s winter here, but think California style winter. Sunny and damp some days and cloudy, dark and heavy rain on other days.
¡Saludos desde Viña del Mar, Chile! Walking along Avenida San Martín
I haven´t been able to travel in three years so I had to make the most of it and come for much longer. The Mr. is coming in a few weeks but I miss him! And I am so happy that Little M can further develop his Spanish and have it spoken to him by more than just my mother and I.
The first few days are always a bit overwhelming. Little M was so bad, literally jumping off the sofa´s and wouldn´t leave my side. He was a total nightmare, but now is more calm and realizing he has about a thousand relatives who are all coming to see him.
I know the winter here very well, so I packed both light and heavier pieces. Of course this very busy mamá had to dress for the occassion. I even bought some sweet boots that I will show off this week.
So far, it has been sunny and warm and I´ve been able to wear my flats. But it quickly gets cold once the sun goes down. My colored jeans have been a total hit and everyone has been quite impressed with my weight loss (22 lbs with Medifast!) and for some reason my hair (mostly the bangs) have been a topic of conversation among the women. However, it´s all been positive!
I´ll be going to Santiago soon (the capital) and I am really excited about visiting El Museo de la Moda (Fashion Museum) that I have heard so much about. I´m also looking to meet up with some blogger and social media types here in Chile. I´m curious to see how brands here are embracing bloggers, digital campaigns and social media as a profession in general. So if you know of anyone, let me know!
In the meantime, I am enjoying my family and letting them enjoy Little M. Afterall, he has two sets of very happy great-grandparents who adore him.
¡un beso grande!

What I´m Wearing (in Chile) Purple Skinnies from Primark Striped T-Shirt from H&M Sweater Poncho from Loft Sunnies from Target Turquoise Belt from TJ Maxx

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