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Salmon Cakes – Crispy & Scrumptious

By Sumit Malhotra @sumitmalhotra
Salmon Cakes – Crispy & Scrumptious

Salmon Cakes Recipe - Crispy & Scrumptious & Delicious

One of my friends, Roma, got Norwegian Salmon as a gift. And that she gifted me for sheer lack of ideas or perhaps it was a lack of intention at her end. I have forgotten this bit already. The salmon spent a few days in my freezer till I figured that I wanted to make Salmon cakes out of it. And so I did. The cakes came out a winner right on top. I seasoned them with kasundi and got just the right kind of kick. The cakes when done were salmony, crispy and delicious. Further, they went really well with a tamarind chutney I paired them with. Crazy outstanding stuff. I have impressed myself.

Tip: Be careful of salt you add to the mix since kasundi adds its own saltiness. I didn't have to add any salt. Salmon Cakes – Crispy & Scrumptious

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Salmon Cakes – Crispy & Scrumptious

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