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Sales and Discounts

By Evg Enko
Sales and DiscountsviaIn the states folks LOVE shopping. You can enter the store looking for a body lotion and leave it with a hair dryer, bed sheets and new place mats all because "they were on a HUGE sale and you couldn't resist". There's even a special day of the year that is known to every walking and talking person in the country. Yeah, you guessed it right, I'm talking about Black Friday. I had to miss it this year, but will join those lines in the future. Definitely. May be. We'll see.
I'm not complaining here. I think sales are awesome and saves you some cash.... Wait, does it really? Or is it just a smart and definitely effective tool to make us buy more? In any case, we prefer to think so :)
Sales and DiscountsviaI thought it'd be interesting to look at the purchases I made recently to see which ones I bought not because I couldn't live without them, but because they were discounted. And here's what I found:
3 pairs of shoes (originally priced about $100, each pair on SALE cost me under $50)
2 suuuper cute sweaters from Urban Outfitters just under $20 each
opaque tights in Brown color found at Target for $4
I was searching for a cheaper drug-store brand liquid eyeliner and had to go with Maybelline because it had a special 50% off discount. Otherwise I would have gotten a Revlon which was already in my shopping basket until I found the discounted one
Sales and Discounts
And the list can go on and on. These are just few of the "bargains" that I recently spent my money on :)

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