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Sales 101: 4 Essential Reasons Why Customers Will Buy From Your Business

Posted on the 25 April 2014 by Adeyemiadisa @adeyemiadisa
By Elechi Emekobum - April, 25th 2014
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*Why sales is important to business survival?
*Reasons why customers buy from your business
*Why offering great products is good for sales
*Importance of excellent customer supports in sales
*Impacts of competitive price and business location

customers 330x230 Sales 101: 4 Essential Reasons Why Customers Will Buy From Your BusinessFor business owners, sales is a mission to outperform the competitors, gain market share, and exceed quota.

This is why businesses strive to get that essential advantage to compete and win in their sectors.

We all agree that sales is ultimately important to any business, the more you sell, the better it’s for the business. When the business sell, it generates revenue and automatically keeps the business alive.

Why Customers Will Buy From Your Business

However, as a business owner, it’s important to be mindful of the fact that customers buy for so many reasons and these reasons are somehow different from one customer to another.

It’s not just because your business offers great products or superb customer supports, there is surely more to it.

#1). Offering great products

Offering great products or services is arguably the most obviously important reasons why people buy from certain companies or businesses. Everyone knows that the great the products a business is selling, the better the chance of making good sales.

Therefore, if your business offers second-to-none products or services, people will surely want to do business with you as they will be rest assured that they are buying good products that they will enjoy.

#2). Excellent customer supports

It’s an undeniable fact that excellent customer service is what drives retention, loyalty, and positive word-of-mouth marketing.

How do you treat your customers? Do you have a team of well-trained staff that offer necessary supports to your customers? The fact is that bad customer experience is not good for a business because customers are in a better position to easily become brand ambassadors.

Customers are the integral part of any successful business. The more happy the feel doing business with you, the better for the business. If business owners make their customers part of the business and offer superb customer supports, it will have positive impacts on the business. Your business should always strive to exceed expectations and ensure that every customer is cared for.

#3). Competitive price

Like I said earlier, many customers buy for so many reasons, and one of these reasons is competitive price. So are you over-charging your customers? Are you giving them a competitive price? As a business owner, you should know that customers are a bit more conscious when it comes to spending their money these days. This is why some customers wouldn’t even mind to wait until there is sales on certain products because that is when they can be able to afford them.

Furthermore, modern technology has now made it easy for customers to compare the price with other businesses before they decide on where to buy. There are lots of price comparison websites as well as mobile phone apps out there that customers can easily use to compare who charge less that who.

The fact is that when people buy from your business, they wouldn’t like to find out that your business rival is selling the same products for far less than the price you charged them. This will make them feel being over-charged or cheated. They may even return the products and get their money back, and take their patronage to your rival business.

#4). Location and convenience

Location also plays a major role in business sales and revenue generation. Various studies have shown that businesses located in prime areas such as city center and busy and highly populated areas tend to make more sales that their counterparts in less populated areas.

Therefore Is your business location easily accessible to the customers? Are you in a prime location or one of these hard-to-find places where your customers will struggle to get to your business?

Even if your business is located outside of the busy areas of the city, you can still be able to make good sales if customers can easily locate your business. This is why major brands always make sure that their business is located where it will be easily reached by their customers.

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By Christian Morales
posted on 25 April at 09:21

Educating to customers is also important to know features before to decide if they should the products/services or not.