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Sale Alert!: Illamasqua 50% off Easter Egg Hunt Day 2

By Makeupchicliterarygeek @DoriaJM
Today's Illamasqua's 50% Off Easter Egg Hunt clue is: Today's 50% off Easter treat is at the tip of your FINGER. We're sure you can NAIL it.
These are the colors of nail varnish currently on sale:
1. Gamma - neon orange
2. Muse - deep teal blue
3. Jo'mina - electric lilac
4. Collide - bright neon pink, satin finish
5. Stagnate - gray muave
The price of these with the conversion rate as it stands right now (since it changes constantly) would be about $10.70 USD per polish. Shipping is currently about $13.47 USD. Since I'm only interested in 1 or 2 (Collide and maybe Gamma)
You can get Illamasqua polishes at for $14 and shipping is only $5.95 for UPS ground. It looks like Stagnate is the only one not available on that is on sale at Illamasqua. As you can see, it's cheaper to purchase them at full prize at Sephora than at Illamasqua because of the huge difference in shipping. Too bad they're not on sale at Sephora, too! ;)
Are you planning to purchase from today's Illamasqua Easter Egg hunt 50% off sale?

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