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Sale Alert!: Illamasqua 50% off Easter Egg Hunt

By Makeupchicliterarygeek @DoriaJM
For those of you that don't receive emails from Illamasqua (a fabulous UK cosmetics company) you may not have heard that they're currently holding a 50% off Easter Egg Hunt sale! Essentially they've hidden "easter eggs" throughout their site that give you a 50% off discount on those specific products. Now, while you're supposed to hunt through their site I thought some of you would appreciate it if I simply posted the list of colors that are on sale today. Just a quick note, the shades that go on sale will change each day and there will be a clue to help you determine where to look on the site.
Today's clue is: There are 5 prizes hidden in the SHADOWS. Keep your EYES powdered and peeled to find it, and you'll be rewarded with 50% off.
I went through all of the Illamasqua powdered shadows and here are the 5 on sale today at 50% off (color descriptions via Illamasqua's site):
  • Bronx - pale bronze-gold, shimmer finish
  • Imagine - bright periwinkle blue, matte finish
  • Stealth  - creamy buttermilk, matte finish
  • Toxic - warm coral nude, matte finish
  • Machine - rich charcoal black with glitter particles
With the exchange rate as it stands now (remember, this fluctuates constantly) these are approximately $12.29 USD. Normally they'd be approximately $24.58.
There is currently free international shipping for orders over 75 British pound sterling (approximately $118.93 USD). International shipping is 8.50 British pound sterling, so approximately $13.48 USD.
It's unfortunate that the conversion rate is definitely not in our favor at the moment, but the price for the shadows is less than MAC's so they're not that bad. For me, the shipping is just a bit much, but if you love the products it's definitely worth it in my opinion. I'm not head over heals for any of these colors, though Toxic has caught my attention. Since that's the only thing I'd be interested in I'm probably not going to order today, but who knows what tomorrow's Easter Egg Hunt will bring!
Will you be ordering from Illamasqua during their Easter Egg Hunt?

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