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By Healthhungry @Healthhungry
My boyfriend and I watched some of the MTV video music awards the other night, I thought Adele looked so beautiful - I have loved her since her first album was released a few years back.  Graham made the comment that it was nice to see a popular musician, who isn't a size 0.  I told him that I bet she isn't over a size 12 - but that because we are used to seeing such thin women on TV, we think she is plus-size...
Today Graham asked if I saw the headlines of all the twitter activity about Adele, at the MTV music awards... apparently the hottest topic on twitter during the show was, you guessed it; Adele's weight.  And they were horribly mean and ignorant.  Usually I am angered and disgusted by things like that, today - I just felt sad.  Sad for her, such a beautiful singer - and gorgeous in every way, yet she has to endure that kind of criticism.  Sad for me, who can't help but wonder, if there is that kind of hate for a size 12, which is below the average for women in the United States - how much hatred and disgust is there towards women who are at the top end of the plus-size scale?
I am also sad for the many people who are angry, shallow, and so dissatisfied with their own lives that they feel the need to continually put down someone who is brave enough to share her gift with the world...   They are sitting at home, often alone, with a crackberry or a laptop, and cowardly tweeting put downs of a complete stranger.  Words are powerful, when will people learn?
Life is short; spend it spreading love, kindness, acceptance, and forgiveness - not judgment and hate.  We all have more in common then you think.

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