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Sadly It's Time to Come to an End

By Kc2610 @kc2610
After having not blogged for a while, I can say that the ponies have settled in really well, and all horses are fine. However I have been doing some thinking about the blog, and have come to a decision I have always known I'd have to make.
Obviously this blog is called a "Teen's" dressage dream, but I won't be a teenager forever. Even though I'm still 19, I don't feel like teenager at all and am really feeling the responsibilities of an adult come upon me with the yard, clients, students and horses I am training.

Sadly it's time to come to an end

My pony Vinnie and I at Australian Nationals in 2008, working
towards living the dream in England.

I started writing it when I was fifteen because I had a big dream and a massive journey ahead of me, and I was trying to find out all I could about riding, competing and getting qualifications in England and Europe. I couldn't really find anything, so thought if I started this blog I could be an inspiration to other young people to change their lives and follow their dreams and have me here to give them advice and support.
I feel I have definitely achieved that, as I have had many young people write to me saying how I've inspired them, asking me for advice, and wanting to come to England and work and ride for me. However now I feel it is time to bring the blog to an end. It has always been a bit difficult to blog things that I truly feel, or say what I am really doing in any situation, as I know a few people who read this will use it against me whenever they can. As a teenager you get away with it a bit more, but now I am running a business and am completely professional I can't keep the standard of my blog up when there would be so much stuff I can't spread all over the internet because of all the other people involved. When it was just me trying to achieve this dream it was fine, but now my focus is very much on clients and training other people's horses, and I don't feel comfortable to write about that on the web.
Also it is a natural progression, where I am no longer a teenager, I have had this massive journey that has been recorded for four years, and now real life starts, where I need a professional website. I will still keep a little blog going, but it won't be like this one. This one served it's purpose, but now that time is over.
Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me on this journey, it has meant a lot that so many of you read this and it has kept me writing for so long. As a nice little ending, I am going to post some of my best and most popular posts starting right from the beginning. I look back on those early posts and just smile at the memories I had forgotten, but brought right back to as soon as I read about it again.

Sadly it's time to come to an end

Seriously living the dream in Germany, four years later in 2012

So thanks again to everyone who has watched me grow up and develop through this blog, and enjoy the next few posts - my top picks :D

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