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Saddle Tor

By Undercurtain
A good day to get out!
The weather was more benign than hot and the sky not altogether blue, but, most importantly, the air was clear and what could be seen - pretty much anything in front of the horizon - was crisp.
Saddle Tor sits above the villages of Haytor Vale on one side and Widecomb-in-the-Moor on the other and is closely linked to the massive granite mass of Haytor Rocks. In the scheme of Dartmoor, Saddle Tor is not that spectacular, but it does present an easy target for any visitors not capable of climbing the gradient necessary to reach its more illustrious neighbor.
But right then, all the above mentioned plus point were less important than the color of the heather. For whatever reason - climate perhaps, less ferns maybe - the western side of Dartmoor seems to generate much greater quantities of heather than the east. Of course, the ferns make up for it once Autumn arrives and the fronds turn golden, but for now, purple is perfect. The mass of rock at the top of the picture is Haytor - it isn't quite afforded the respect necessary.
Saddle TorThe next shot shows Holwell Farm in the foreground and Clinwell and Honey Bags Tors behind.
Saddle Tor
This last one hasn't got a subject unless its the jumble of rocks up on the gentle upper slopes of Saddle Tor.
Saddle Tor
Lunch followed at the Rugglestone Inn. Real ales, gravity fed from the barrel (the best way to drink local brews), and a fine selection of lunches.
Super day.

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