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Sacre Nue!

By Katedarling
Sacre Nue!
True Story: One day in kindergarten, my sister was drawing our family, but another girl was Bogarting the peach crayon. So my sis shrugged and used the orange one. (A foreshadowing of a brief obsession with spray tanning?) When the teacher walked by to check out everyone's work, she chided my sister: "People aren't that color."
Well, Mrs. B, they're not peach, either. On that note, where bras and Band-Aids have failed (For white people, too. Trust me, no one is the color of a bandage. Maybe we all just stop trying to hide them?), Christian Louboutin has swept in to save the day, all in the name of longer-looking legs. His new collection of five skintone-inspired heels has launched alongside an app that helps you to find the right shade based on your foot selfie. While no shoe is going to match a person perfectly, a similar enough tone creates a trompe l'oeil that elongates legs. And of course, should it be so effective that you might actually appear barefoot, the red bottom is present to attest that you're well-heeled.

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