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Ryan's Garden Loves: Beer Bottle Tea Lights

By Ryansgarden @ryansgarden
Ryan's Garden Loves: Beer Bottle Tea Lights
Garden lighting can often be quite dull and boring but I absolutely love these gorgeous little recycled tea light holders which add a sense of fun and youth to the garden.
I came across this product when contacted on twitter by the websites owner asking me to do a review of a victorian garden but I couldn't resist posting about these tea light holders too as I think they're great.  The holder itself is made from a recycled beer bottle that has served its original purpose and I quite like the idea of turning waste in to quite a funky little garden accessory.  In fact, I think that I'm slowly becoming a recycled beer bottle collector as I also have the matching Corona wine glasses, which I picked up at the Eden Project after the Amy Winehouse debacle, but that’s a conversation for another day.
Ryan's Garden Loves: Beer Bottle Tea Lights The tea lights are really simple to use and after adjoining the bottle to the metal ground spike and inserting the tea light holder they’re ready for their position in the garden.  I think that they'd be at their best plunged in to summer and autumn borders or on the entrance to the garden but they would also be great to use to line a path or in to containers, either in the garden or at entrances to the home.
If you like the look of these tea light holders then you should check out the main website where you can also find other lighting products, garden lamp posts and beautiful gazebos.

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