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Russian New Year Salads: Fish Snake

By Mendeleyeev

Salads on a Russian table are an indication of health, significance, happiness and success. A table may have one customary meat item but the more salads and side dishes, the more significant the celebration. So we continue with New Year celebration salads in the theme of the year of the snake for 2013.



You can see the outline of a snake in the centre. This is a protein salad made with eggs and mackerel pike which are called сайрой in Russia. You may substitute any form of short fish if you don’t like or have access to canned mackerel. This is a layered salad and each layer has it’s own ingredients.

Salad layers (each layer is mixed with mayonnaise):

1 – boiled potatoes
2 – onions
3 – mackerel
4 – boiled carrots
5 – cheese
6 – egg yolk
7 – white Potatoes

Next in preparation:

Grate the carrots and cheese for the topping. Mix with finely chopped onion and mayonnaise. Chives for decorations.

Season to taste.

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