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Russia Spy Anna Chapman Offers to Marry Edward Snowden

By Mendeleyeev

Now that Russian spy Anna Chapman has offered to marry Edward Snowden, expect no end of jokes in the continuing saga of the patriot Snowden verus the police state formerly known as the USA.

Anna Chapman Proposes-To-Edward-Snowden

Is this a serious offer? Hell, we don’t know but we do know that Snowden is single and she is hot. Some claim that she is too chummy with President Vladimir Putin and perhaps that is behind her offer of marriage to the stranded young man.

Putin Snowden

Meanwhile things are a different kind of hot over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue what with all the pissed off European leaders upon discovering their phones and emails being “stored” by the NSA who promises that they’re stored but not read or listened to. Right, I buy Playboy just for the articles too.

With pissed off allies like Germany’s Merkel demanding an immediate meeting with Mr. Obama, we’re thinking that while the White House is preoccupied, the time is ripe for Ms. Chapman to hail a cab and get young Snowden over to the Moscow ZAGS, el pronto. That by the way, would give him a pathway to permanent residence and eventually full Russian citizenship.

She is very hot, Snowden and if you think the photos are nice just wait till you meet her in person.

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