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"Rush Babes," and True Blood on HBO?

By Kelly Speechless @KellySpeechless
Rush Limbaugh is asshole. But love him, or hate him this post is not about his idea to form a group coined, "Rush Babes." This post is to take a different spin on the Rush Babes themselves. The name isn't vulgar to vulgar or personally jarring. It is obviously his way of saying, "Look some women are so dumb that they join my fan club after I call them slut's." I would rather be a big slut sandwich than a Rush Babe any day.
Rush Babes the New Hooters Spin off? 

Working at hooters can be considered giving a bad message to women or make them automatically sluts and whores by the very least societies standards. I worked there for a year at 18, and I didn't do it for attention. Yes, I am a feminist who worked at hooters. I did it because I already have some odd preconceived notion to have not problem dressing like a bimbo (I can't help myself) and I needed the money for extra partying back in the day...classy I know. It helped me get through a year of college expenses. Who knows? Maybe Hooters was my orange brick road that led me to graduate school? Enough bull shit. All kidding and trying to explain myself aside:  hooters girls are not only known for being promiscuous. Most hooters girls are good looking, "or babes." If you ever see a hooters commercial or go inside the woman are usually hot and all of them are under a hundred and thirty pounds or a lot less. Whether these women and the rules or understating about who can and can't work at hooters doesn't take away what you consider a "babe." Let's just say a restaurant full of Rush Babes as waitresses wouldn't see the kind of money the babes at hooters make. I can say with certainty that if Rush had the choice of going to Hooters or see a group of Rush Babes he would choose those orange shorts. Gross I know.

TO CLARIFY: Rush"Female politicians get a pass on every aspect of their appearance. You would never have stories about how some female politician's fat... There are plenty of lard-ass women in politics, and they get a total pass on itbabe-n. An attractive person, especially a woman.
A "Rush Babe," babe hacked my twitter  account ... allegedly. Even though I don't have proof. I didn't think these women called, "Rush Babes,"  knew how to operate Facebook page, let alone technical computer hacking techniques. My fault for being immature. I should no better than to expect real answers from women who call themselves "Rush Babes." These women are seriously to far gone to be tickled on their big toe by my questions, or what I have to say.
Rush Babes Believe This Is All Bill Maher's Fault?

The Rush Babes have a entirely different blame game though. They seem to think Bill Maher, who is a popular comedian who exerts his right of free speech too voice his political opinion in his television show. These "Rush Babes," act like Bill Maher is trying to hurt each and everyone of them and is in a position of power equal to the the two candidates running for president.Rush Babes, also think a conservative view derives from a different understanding that didn't show up in my government class. They classify conservatism as: Being a good woman, loving the Lord, and being good mothers. That's sweet..but not the meaning.  I get the whole stay home only infliction but don't most women who decide to have children hope they are good mothers and wives? Also there are many people out their who believe in God who aren't practicing conservative based principles at home.

Rush Babes and True Blood Season One.
From my personal experience the Rush Babes all creepily sound like moronic robots under some kind of spell...I can't describe it..oh wait!   I got it! Rush Babes eerily and naturally mimic the exact voices of the fictional town, "Bon Temp's," Louisiana in the first season of True Blood on HBO. I don't  feel I am better than these women. I live in the South. Although I have resided in Texas my entire life, I have visited many parts of the south including Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Louisiana. No one I came across exuded "Rush Babe," qualities. Lastly, I had to say it: I am a feminist and can say I am way hotter than the average Rush Babe. They call themselves babes remember? 

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