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Running to Your Senses?

By Nicoleao @momfever

running and sensesIn my last post I wrote about running after a bad cold, and how my heart rate monitor was telling me I was nót in the zone. Matilda asked me a very good question in the comment section. One that made me go: ‘Huh?! What’s that now? How do I féél?

She asked me how I félt!

Well, that question had me stumped. How was I feeling?! That’s hardly any consideration for me. Because usually I feel like stopping. And since I wanna run, I’ve learned to ignore my feelings. Because otherwise I would never get any run done.

Heart Rate Monitor on the fritz

Then today fate intervened. My heart rate monitor went on the fritz during my run! There I was, with nothing to tell me how I was doing. Wether I was running too fast, or too slow. And I remembered Matilda’s question. ‘How do you feel?’ And since I didn’t have my Polar hrm to answer that question, I had no choice but to tune into my body!

And even though I suspect my heart rate wasn’t in the zone, my pace felt right. And then in a curious case of serendipity, my playlist played ‘Listen to your senses’.

So I did.

‘Listen to your senses
What they have to say’

Listen to your senses or technology?

This experience made me realize I rely more on technology than on my own senses! I wish I could say that from now on out, I’ll start listening to my senses all the time. But I feel that my heart rate monitor is more reliable. Nevertheless I wíll try to pay more attention to my body. Because I can certainly see the importance of listening to your body.

Do you listen to your body or to technology?

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