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Running Skirts and ‘a Certain Age’

By Nicoleao @momfever

running skirtThis morning it was finally warm enough to wear my little red running skirt to do the school run. I asked my son Ot (12) to take a picture of this happy moment.

‘I would wear some tights too mom,’ he advised me.
‘Why?’ I wanted to know, and I felt a shiver of trepidation‌
‘That skirt is a bit short for you,’ he shrugged.

He got me thinking though. I agree that women of a certain age shouldn’t wear their dresses and skirts too short. But is it fair to say this doesn’t apply to sports wear? I mean it can get awfully hot if you have to wear long tights all summer long just because you’ll never see 35 again.

Besides, my running skirt isn’t thĂĄt short!

How do you feel about running skirts after middle age?

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