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Rubbish on the Beach

By Kree8or @surfing_buddha

I don’t usually moan on this site, but I feel this is worth it.
I went to Hayling Beach today to enjoy the sunshine and do some balance board training and when I got there I saw litter strewn over the beach. The bag was right there, but there was still rubbish left all over the place. I picked up what I could, I wasn’t going to pick up the baby wipes left there as well as I didn’t have any gloves with me.

Rubbish on Hayling beach

Rubbish on Hayling beach

Not only is rubbish left on our beaches unsightly but it causes all sorts of problems for the local wildlife.

Before I move on to the environmental aspect of this, lets have a quick look at the economic angle . Coastal towns rely on the beaches for much needed money. Now imagine if those beaches were covered in rubbish. Who would want to sit on a beach surrounded by litter, cigarette butts and drinks bottles? Not many people. So… if those people go to another beach, do the local businesses get the much needed money required to keep solvent? Of course they won’t. These shops, restaurants, chip shops etc. etc.. will go under with the owners and staffs losing their livelihoods.

Now for the environment.  Would you like to see this?



No you wouldn’t. That’s not to mention the fish that couldn’t feed, the pollution in the water and all the associated badness that comes from this.

Does it still seem like that much hassle to just pick up your crap and put it in the bin that is right next to the beach?

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