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Royal Weddings and Cake!

By Bakerquigs @bakerquigs
Royal Weddings and cake!
So what did we all think, I absolutely loved the royal wedding sitting with my family scoffing royal wedding cupcakes and sipping tea watching what I thought was a very romantic and loving ceremony. But enough with all that soppiness lets talk cake and oh my what a cake.
Royal Weddings and cake!
Kate (Katherine now really) had alot of input into her cake and met with Fiona Cairns 6 weeks ago to discuss them. The cake consisted of 16 different types of flowers all with individual meanings harking back to the victorian era such as oak and acorns to symbolise strength and endurance and bridal roses to signify happiness, a gorgeous brandy soaked fruit sponge inside I so wish I could have tried it.
We wanted to take this oppertunity to post some pictures of our own wedding cake creations from the past year; so prepare to get hungry and take a look at these!Royal Weddings and cake!Royal Weddings and cake!
Royal Weddings and cake!

So let us know what you all got up too, who had the best street party and who's head ached the next day (mine) chat to you soon everyone happy baking!

Nicola Quigley

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