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Round You Go!

By Edithlevy

I’ve been to Israel numerous times and have driven past the old port in Tel Aviv on a number of occasions but I’d never spent any real time there until this last trip.

The port in Tel Aviv opened in 1936 and was the country’s largest and most important port until 1965 when it closed due to operations being moved to the newer port in Ashdod. The port sat derelict for many years and then in the early 2000’s the municipality of Tel Aviv decided to revitalize the area starting with a beautiful wide wooden deck that spans the port promenade along the sea. The old hangers have been covered to fresh food markets and the port is lined with restaurants, boutiques and nightclubs.

At one end of the deck is an old merry-go-round that was getting ready to close as I was setting up for my shot. Luckily it still had went for a few more rides, enough for me to get this shot.

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