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Round Bound

By Trendrighter @trendrighter
One of my more favorite items to accessories with is sunglasses. Growing up in sunny Southern California with really light eyes created this obsession. Having at least two pairs in my purse and about four in the car and plenty of back up at home is more than just a hobby. I love all shapes and sizes, colors and tints. More recently I am attracted to the round 1920's style shades. The versatility is endless with this shape; they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
Looks from the Runway:
Round Bound

Round Bound
Looks from the Celebrity-Way:
Round BoundRound Bound Both Gwen and Miley wearing very different looks with the same round shape.
Looks from the Inexpensive-Way
Round Bound Urban Outfitter $14.00 buy here Also come in Peach and Black
Round Bound Asos 21.22 buy here
Round Bound Tilly's $9.99 buy here
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