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By Emmerey Rose Sarona @EmmereyRose
I am so living my life the way I exactly didn't thought it would be. I sleep late due to overnight marathon watching the series "Suits" which I am currently addicted of. And for that, I wake up so late ending up watching minute to win it until Sine mo to of Showtime til I sleep again without even taking a bath first. My daily routine is such a mess. Everything seems to be so laid back like a real summer which it used to be before when I was still a student. I know at this moment I am supposed to be hunting for job but I am just too lazy and I am way far from getting my self ready to get a real job for now. Maybe I just want to enjoy my summer first, after all... I think I deserve a summer break.
Anyway, I owe you my readers so much because I have been so lazy blogging the past months until now, much more now since we still do not have the internet connection which I am longing to have because I do not have anything to do here. Okay... so I haven't blogged a couple of things that I should have blogged before. I got busy that's why I was not able to do so and now I want to share them to you. 
I know you are familiar with Romwe and for that I think I do not need to introduce the shop to you. Knowing how famous the brand is and how dynamic their company, many bloggers are talking about it all over the cyber world. For the past months, I owe Romwe the credits for everything that the shop has given me. My Romwe collection is growing and I owe a lot of it to my sponsors. Charot!. For the past months, I received a couple of parcels from Romwe and I am just so loving them. The quality, the item itself, and the fact that they arrived very soon made me love not only the product but Romwe as a whole.
ROMWE CollectionROMWE Collection
Flowers Print Leggings
ROMWE CollectionDark Universe Print Leggings
ROMWE CollectionChains Detail Layered Ginger Vest
ROMWE CollectionTie-dyed Anomalous Skirt
ROMWE CollectionHandlebar Gentleman Diamante Ring
ROMWE CollectionROMWE Collection8-shaped Charm Bracelet, Cross Charm Bracelet
Aren't they lovely? I wore them already but I haven't got the chance to take a photo of it. Next time, I will make sure to document every single item here and try to blog about it :) I haven't done outfit posts already..
Anyone of you wants to have a Coupon worth $20 from ROMWE? let me know what you think :and leave some comments below . Have a nice day ahead guys! :)

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