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Romney Now in the Lead in Pennsylvania

Posted on the 05 April 2012 by Dan90017

The latest Public Polling Policy (PPP) survey conducted in Pennsylvania on April 4 shows that former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has now overtaken former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum in the Keystone State.

The poll, conducted among 403 likely Republican primary voters indicates that Mr. Romney is now the favorite of 42 percent of those questioned, while 37 percent quote Mr. Santorum as their favorite. The previous PPP survey conducted between March 8 and March 11 showed that the former governor was trailing the former senator by 18 percentage points (43 vs. 25).

However, when asked who they would vote for if former House speaker Newt Gingrich were to abandon the race between now and April 24, when the Pennsylvania primary is due to be held, 42 percent of respondents said they would vote for Mr. Santorum, while Mr. Romney would garner the support of 41 percent of the electorate.

Fifty two percent of those questioned believe the former Pennsylvania senator should remain in the race. Thirty nine percent, however, feel it is now time for Mr. Santorum to call it quits.

Those taking part in the survey were also asked which candidate among the four remaining Republican presidential hopefuls had the best chance of defeating President Barack Obama on Nov. 6. Forty nine percent feel Mr. Romney is the most likely contender to beat the incumbent president. Only 24 percent believe Mr. Santorum can unseat the Democratic head of state.

In spite of these results, 62 percent say they have a favorable opinion of Mr. Santorum, while 31 percent told the pollsters they viewed him unfavorably. For Mr. Romney, the figures are 57 percent and 35 percent respectively. While Mr. Santorum‘s favorability numbers have remained stable since the March survey, Mr. Romney’s have improved significantly. Only 46 percent viewed him favorably three weeks ago, while 40 percent had a negative opinion of him.

“The momentum in Pennsylvania is moving completely against Rick Santorum,” according to PPP President Dean Debnam. “Mr. Romney has a great chance to deliver a final crushing blow to his campaign on April 24,” he adds. Political analysts believe the former senator may decide to pull out of the race if he fails to win his home state contest.

The poll also shows that Texas Congressman Ron Paul and Mr. Gingrich only manage to garner nine percent and six percent of the voting intentions respectively.

Seventy two delegates are at stake in the Keystone State primary. Connecticut, Delaware, New York, and Rhode Island will also be holding their own primary on the same day.

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