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Romea Romea!

By Thelovelyvice @TheLovelyVice
Sounds strange doesn't it? I first heard about this particular name when I recently moved to our new apartment in Milan. The apartment it was absolutely perfect for my boyfriend and I, small but with a lot of character, walking distance to Il Duomo, right next to a big Simply (supermarket) and the best part there were no kids in the building. The first day we spent there we got a surprising taste of what our neighbours would be like, a crazy old couple screaming at each other from the top of their lungs were driving us mad, I guess having kids next door wouldn't have been so bad after all. Romea Romea! the old man would scream loudly asking her where she was going every hour (Dove vai, dove vai?!). You must know that the one bedroom apartments in our building are quite small, so I don't think Romea was wandering around  the big garden with a pool! After three month, we found out after my boyfriend complaining of their crazy loud arguments that Romea was not mentally stable and she would do strange things without knowing why so her babysitter husband was losing it too. From than moment we laugh and enjoy the daily dose of Romea.

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