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Rohan’s 7 Things Post Of The Week #17 “Children & Grandchildren”

By Rohan @rohanforsale

Hey guys! The end of another week is here, yay :) Like every week it had its ups and downs; it had its challenges. But nothing I couldn’t handle with the help of those close to me and everything I’ve learned about taking care of myself :)

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I’ve never been a parent, but I am 8 years older than my little bro Alex and so I’ve seen with, somewhat mature, eyes just how tricky it can be raising kids! Honestly though it appears to be the kind of thing you just don’t truly get until you’ve done it yourself.

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That being said I, from everything I’ve read about child brain development and child psychology it seems a slow, easy, common sense approach works best. Pushing children too hard too early, on the other hand, can be (ironically) quite counter productive according to the likes of Joseph Chilton Pearce. It is this kind of common sense approach that Paula, author of today’s POW, promotes and I am happy to promote her post :) Please enjoy : Children & Grandchildren by Depression Exists!


Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend everyone :)

All the best!


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