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Robot Vacuum Review

Posted on the 16 June 2011 by Badmoneyblog @badmoneyblog
Time is precious.  We all know this.  No one wants to spend their weekend or other off time, cleaning dishes or doing laundry.  Thanks to cheaply available technology, clothes washing machines and dish washers have become common place in lots of US homes because they shorten or automate some of those mundane chores. Over the past few years, another device has gained in popularity, the robotic vacuum.  To some, this may sound like science fiction or a device from the future, but these exist right now.  There are even types that will automate cleaning your pool.There are a few manufacturers and models available for the residential consumer.  Some of the notable manufactures are Samsung, iRobot, and Neato.  The models have various features and price ranges. My wife had one of the early models of iRobots which she used for years to clean floors in her apartment.  She found the particular model handy and sufficient to clean up hair left behind by her much loved but ever-shedding beagle. Based on this experience, we placed a request for one on our wedding gift registry, which we received from my grandparents.  We were excited to receive this treasured gift since sweeping floors is one of our least favorite pastime activities and my wife’s beagle is still loved and ever-shedding.Take a look at the above video of this awesome robot in action or click here.  The vacuum is not over priced for the job it accomplishes for us without effort on our part; electricity consumption included.  This particular model does not “self-dock” like some models, but it is truly useful anyways.  It is nice to drop a robotic vacuum into a room or area of the house and walk away allowing it to take care of the chore.  Once complete, simply empty the collection basket and recharge the device and it is ready to roam again.

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