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How The Economy Works and Why Taxes Are Bad

Posted on the 29 April 2013 by Badmoneyblog @badmoneyblog
How The Economy Works and Why Taxes Are Bad
When we were younger, we probably had a fantasy about being President some day.  For most of us, it was probably the thought of being that important, or having that kind of positive impact which drove us to want that type of responsibilities.
For others, it might just have been that we were tired of our President, and other politicians, using big words to describe simple concepts.  We all want to understand what is going on with government.  However, most of us could not always make sense of what the politicians were thinking.
Now we have a solution!  You no longer have to become President to understand how the economy works and why taxes are bad.  All you need to do it take a look at these two videos and the answers will present themselves.
The first video explains the process of "makers and takers" so that a child can understand it.  The second video describes the US budget and why it is so hard to cut a few million dollars here and there and balance it. - BadMoneyBlog

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