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The Best YouTube Videos of All Time!

Posted on the 08 January 2013 by Badmoneyblog @badmoneyblog
"Have you seen this one yet?"  This is the question we hear all too often in the cubicle work setting these days. As eager watchers gather around the computer monitor in order to catch a peek at the latest meme.  We decided to compile all of them right here to let you in on what everyone else knows... the internet is awesome! This is good cheap fun without the box office movie prices.

We noticed a trend over the years that some people are in the know about the best YouTube videos of all time and others simply are not.  No matter how many times we chat around the water cooler at work, it always seems like someone has not seen the honey badger or the tearful eHarmony cat lady video (and the songify version!), or whatever the latest and greatest video is on YouTube.

Internet memes have taken over as a new form of entertainment.  Short clips we can sneak into our day in order to make us feel better about life for a little while.  Breaks in productivity to get our mind off of that dreaded TPS report for a little while. A short burst of happy is good for us so we can get back to being productive. Sometimes, it is just playful badgers. Other times, we need that good laugh which we cannot seem to replicate without instantly watching cheesy homemade rap videos.  

These types of videos have become so popular, there are now TV shows to keep up with all of the trending topics, like Comedy Central's Tosh.0

Here at BadMoneyBlog we decided to make a complete listing of our favorite you tube videos with a brief description of each. These are the MUST SEE absolute best YouTube videos of all time. These are the ones with lasting web-play and the highlights of computer monitors where people gather around when someone says "have you seen this one yet?" 

If you run into that guy or lady who simply is not in the know, send them a link to this blog post so they can get with the program. With the lightning fast internet of the future, we have bandwidth to waste here people!

Did we miss one? Drop us an email or comment below. If we add your video, we will be sure to give you credit where credit is due! Let us know what you think are the best YouTube videos of all time.

Warning! Some of these videos contain strong languages and images. These are not for sensitive viewers. You may need to have a YouTube account and log in to view some as they have adult themes or content! Enjoy - 

 The honey badger simply does not care!  Take  a watch and listen as a very funny commentator talks over an edited version of footage of the honey badger in action.
  I'm da bess indeed! This is a great video of what creative kids can do at home with a cheap camera and some knowledge of special effects! Favorite line "Now dat kids and orphan... and I'm da bess". At the time we linked this video, it had under 2 million views. Way under rated. 
 If you have not seen the original version of this video, Click Here! to watch it first.  Then come back for this little gem and it will make your day! Favorite line - "I just wanna hug all of them, but I can't hug every cat."

 So many memories of watching this over and over. Favorite line - "And hide your husband 'cause they raping everyone up in here."

 This list of videos simply would not be complete without a fail compilation.  So here you go!
 This might be the one which started it all. The original meme of our times. This one is so old, no one remembers why it was funny anymore. But, with over 1/2 a Billion views, we have to include the original meme!Whenever we find ourselves in a bad mood, tig ol' bitties is sure to bring us around! Favorite line - "The best kind of B's... boobies!"Badgers badgers badgers.... Mushroom mushroom!" - So awesome!

The best dance ever... EVER! An old favorite! Did we miss your favorite?  Have others you think we should include in this list?  Comment below and let us know!

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