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Ro Sham Bo

By Trebeca04
Ro Sham Bo "Ro Sham Bo . . . how to resolve any dispute like an adult"
It all started when I found this beautiful rock on a beach near Gualala, California.  Ro Sham Bo I asked my archaeologist friends Bill Roop and Kathy Flynn to ID the rock for me.  
I was hoping they would say that it was a very special rock, believed to hold very mysterious powers for it's owner, but they didn't.  Apparently, it's just a rock. Important in other ways, but no 'mysterious powers' . . .
But I like my story better, so we will go with that . . . this is a very special rock, believed to hold mysterious powers . . . (my art piece, my rules).
I knew I wanted to use the rock in an art piece.   The finished piece is small (approx 10"x4"x4") so it's going to take a few photographs to show it to you
Ro Sham BoRo Sham Bo
 Ro Sham BoRo Sham Bo
Ro Sham Bo Top View Ro Sham BoBottom View 
  The rules to play RO SHAM BO (also known as Rock Paper Scissors) are simple. But as a reference, here is a brief explanation:
Rock breaks Scissors Scissors cut Paper Paper covers Rock
In my interpretation, a vintage 'cigar' box (?) holds a vintage pair of scissors stabbing the 'vintage' magical rock.  And yes the not vintage PAPER, a 5 Euro bill wins!
My art piece, my rules!

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