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Ripples on Crazywell

By Undercurtain
It's certainly the case that locations are variable. Last time at Crazywell, the pool was becalmed - at least until Abby put a paw in - this time there was something more than a breeze. Let's call it a biting wind! It was Winter's Return, which is certainly good enough for a Fantasy Sequel, but not, notice, the final volume; that would have to be something hopeful and stirring.
I could go on and on given that introduction, but that's not the purpose here. We did a loopy walk yesterday - me, Ros and Clover - parking beside Devonport Leat above Burrator, following its course to climb the Cascades, before dropping down to Crazywell and from there onto the track to Norsworthy. The hardest part of the walk was the climb back to the car, but the coldest was the ascent of the Cascades.
So, given the conditions, here's Crazywell without a mirror-smooth surface. Bad for reflections, but great for textures.
Ripples on Crazywell
A quick note on Crazywell. The pool isn't, especially in this kind of weather, a standing, stagnant bowl of water. The cutting you can see in the photo above serves as an outlet and, apart from the usual run off from the surrounding slopes, there's a definite inlet with its own little waterfall. As such, Crazywell is much like a toilet cistern but with a pretty constant inflow and outflow, and given that, it will never rise much above the level you see in the photo. It can, however, fall if there's a sustained drought.
Ripples on Crazywell
And texture ...
Ripples on Crazywell
There's a side bar there somewhere. I'll play with that.
Subsequent note, pictures on the sidebar seem to be restricted to a silly number of pixels, so no textured distraction - at least until I can find a work round.

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