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R.I.P. Tim Wilson – Bob & Tom Staple Passes Away

Posted on the 27 February 2014 by Geekasms @geekasms

I rarely post about the passing of people on here, not so much out of disrespect, but because the announcement of a death is typically posted everywhere online, and I see no reason to rehash the tragedy and loss on here as well.   When Harold Ramis passed away the other day, I nearly wrote a post, because his films had such an impact on my younger self, but chose not to, and simply posted on social media.  Today is different though.  The passing of Tim Wilson is different.

When I woke up this morning, I went through my normal routine, including pulling up Bob & Tom to listen to while I got ready for work, and at nearly the same time, I saw a Tweet from Chick McGee, simply stating that he missed Tim Wilson.  Quickly I realized what had happened, that a man I only knew through a speaker, had passed away, and that realization affected me.  I could go into that Tim Wilson was one of a few comedians that I wanted to go watch, and was on my shortlist to hopefully take my girlfriend to see when he came back to Lexington, but that’s not it. The Bob & Tom Show has been a staple for my mornings since I’ve been able to drive.  Over half my life I’ve listened to them.  They’re such a staple that I subscribe to their podcast, so I can listen to the show, or parts of the show I miss, later in the day.  In my most productive times, be it at home, here on the site, wherever, you can make a safe bet that Bob & Tom is playing somewhere.  Tim was a staple of that staple.  Some of my favorite times listening to B&T were when Tim Wilson was on.  The dynamic he had with them rang through every time, and the show had a different vibe compared to when other comedians were on.  His voice was as recognizable as any, and brought me joy anytime I heard it.  There were actually times I’d sit in my car an extra 5 minutes to listen to Tim finish a story or song, even if it meant being late for class, or work, or whatever was going on.  The first time I heard Tim Wilson’s voice in a local commercial for Overhead Doors of Lexington, I cracked up.  It was unexpected, but after laughing so many times in the past, the simple sound of his voice could bring about some level of happiness.

He was one of those people that showed you that happiness could be achieved just being yourself, and you shouldn’t compromise for others.  Something I admire.  The stories of him Tom and others have been telling this morning, of him not having a cell phone, or going place to place with less than $20, intrigues me, but also makes me envious in a way.  I can live twice as long as Tim Wilson, and I will never have a 10th of the life he did.  He wasn’t just someone to laugh at, he was someone, at least for me, to admire, for how he lived his life.

I’d be cheating anyone that reads this if I didn’t point out his appearance on Chick McGee’s podcast, Off the Air.  It’s hard to put into words, as he talks about Ted Bundy, but even if you had no interest in Bundy, its worth a listen.  There’s no way anyone could be disappointed.

Tim Wilson first appeared on Bob & Tom on April of 1995, making me 14 at the time, and meaning I’ve known and been aware of Tim Wilson, and been listening to him, for over half my life.  It’s fair to say I am a fan of the Georgia-born comedian, and that I will being laughing slightly less now.  He was one of the few that I truly enjoyed.

Tim Wilson was 52.

You can read more about Tim, and check out some of the tributes and his pieces over at the Bob &

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