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Rio Rosa Mosqueta Rosehip Oil

By Iheartmexo @iheartmexoxo
Hi guys,
Ages ago I reviewed the Rio Rosa Mosqueta day and night cream here, which was really nice and I love Rio Rosa Mosqueta as a natural brand. It sounds really nice and very promising. Today I'll be reviewing  the Rio Rosa Mosqueta rosehip oil* (RRP 10.49 20ml and £20.49 50ml). Rio Rosa Mosqueta is a natural beauty oil that claims to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and reduces the signs of aging. It is made with 100% pure rosehip oil that is sourced direct from South America and is renowned for rejuvenating skin and making it feel velvety soft.
 Use this oil for:
  • scars
  • strechmarks
  • fine lines
  • crows feet
  • sun damage 
  • dry skin

Rio Rosa Mosqueta rosehip oilRio Rosa Mosqueta rosehip oilRio Rosa Mosqueta rosehip oilRio Rosa Mosqueta rosehip oil
I've been using this oil for a while now and I actually quite like facial oils. This rosehip oil is fragrance free which I like because I have very sensitive skin and it's also paraben, paraffin and chemical free. Very appealing. The packaging is really nice too and appears to be very sleek. I love that it has a pump dispenser which makes life alot easier. The box of this oil has alot of information on it just like the box of their day and night cream. It's really great to have that information on the box because you always want to know what it does and how it can benefit you. I use this at night mostly and only need one pump as a little drop is enough for your whole face. It doesn't feel greasy or heavy on my face which is my biggest facial oil fear! haha but this is very light weight. Once you apply it with in minutes it gets absorbed into your skin and you can't really feel it on your face which is great as I can get very irritated if I can feel some sort of a substance on my face!
I have dry skin around my eyes alot of the times and they can get very dry at times so I always apply this with my ring finger around my eyelid area and that's resulted in it becoming very nourished and non dry I guess. I can't apply any moisturisers in that area because my eyes are extremely sensitive and I don't know why, but with eye creams etc it starts to irritate that area but I really like using this oil for that purpose. As far as blemishes are concerned, I would say that it's really tamed it them in a way. There's a reduction in the blemishes occouring as well no redness. It's faded the marks on my skin as well. Obviously they are still there but the appearance is less visible. This has become a staple in my skincare routine and I really love it. You can't feel it on your face at all and it works. If you use it at night, your skin would feel really soft, smooth and moisturised in the morning.
Have you tried rosehip oil?
Hareem x

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