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Ringer 1x14: Whores Don't Make That Much

Posted on the 19 April 2012 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

Ringer 1x14: Whores Don't Make That Much

Original Air Date: 21 February 2012

StorylineBridget encounters Dylan, who was an important part of the sisters' past. After finding something in Henry's possession that belongs to Bridget, Malcolm befriends Henry to keep an eye on him. Catherine asks Andrew to make a big decision regarding Juliet that could change their family dynamic.Best Quote:

Dylan: Hey, so there's something I've been meaning to ask you.
Bridget: Uh, if you're going to ask me out, you'd better stop right there, mister. Siobhan and I have a very strict policy about not dating guys the other one's already dumped.

Review: Ringer is starting to look a lot like The Young and the Restless, without the crappy outfits and the absurd storylines. And weirdly, despite my complete and utter hatred for soap-operas, I'm fascinated by what's happening in this series. 

The minute Catherine told her ex-husband that she'd like to take Juliet to Miami with her, I just knew. I've been going back and forth for the past few episodes trying to figure out how in the world would Juliet be capable of pulling off something like the fake assault and getting away with her father's money and I've been trying to justify her being manipulated by someone by telling myself she is to sweet to be that devious, even with her drug history trying to prove the exact opposite. But seeing how determined Catherine was to take her daughter away from New York, it just hit me. She was behind all of it, she was the only person that could convince her impressionable kid to pull something like this. Everything else that happened - Tessa's assault, Carpenter's involvement and trying to make us believe he was behind the robbery were just a smoke screen. Entertaining, of course, but if you put together the clues, then the whole picture is starting to become clearer.
Clearer than things are for Bridget, that's for sure. Despite her many many attempts to follow her twin sister's steps and find out exactly what has been going on in her life and who wants to kill her, she's always behind and, even worse, Siobhan has all the time in the world to cover her tracks. Not only did she manage to steal the key Bridge had found in her office, but she removed every little piece of evidence that she has ever used that office. Every box, every drawer and every piece of paper, so all Bridget knows now is that she's still in danger and a mysterious woman is after her.
I guess she has absolutely no reason to believe that her sister is still alive, you'd have to be quite shifty yourself to believe something like this, but it's time she figured things out, don't you think?
But what was truly great about this episode was that it actually took a step back from the whole sisterly drama - at least present drama - and focused on the past. We've been asking ourselves from day one what had happened with Sean, Siobhan's son, and what was the extent of Bridget's involvement in his death. I speculated that she was taking care of her sister's kid and left him unsupervised, and maybe he'd drowned or had been hit by a car. The truth throws a little less blame in Bridget's way - actually, it shows that, really, no one was to blame. But I guess a mother who loses her child is not going to accept that it was just an accident, at least not before some serious therapy.
The story behind it is more complicated and involves more people than just the two sisters. It starts with Shiv having a child with a guy who hadn't assumed responsibility for his kid in the first place, but decided he wanted to be a part of Sean's life at some point. With Bridget on his side, he took the boy for a ride, and a drunk driver hit their car, causing Sean's death.
In essence, other than giving us another piece of the twins' past and showing us the events that caused their separation and Bridget's drug abuse, this was also a story about forgiveness. Can you really forgive someone who has caused you that much pain in the past? Can you really get over something that has changed your life forever, and not for the better?
And by forgiving Sean, as Siobhan, Bridget realized that what she really wanted was to forgive him as herself, as Bridget. And that she wants the people she cares about - Andrew, Juliet - to know her and to accept her for who she really is, instead of posing as her sister for her entire life. I guess it's the first step towards a season finale where she will reveal her true identity. We're still a long way to go until we get there, but it will be a thrilling ride, for sure.
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