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Ringer 1x07: Oh Gawd, There's Two of Them?

Posted on the 04 November 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

Ringer 1x07: Oh Gawd, There's Two of Them?

Original Air Date: 1 November 2011

Storyline: Still posing as Siobhan, Bridget is forced to reveal she has a twin to Andrew and Henry when Agent Machado starts closing in. Henry becomes a suspect in the whereabouts of his wife, Gemma and Juliet starts partying to dangerous extremes. Meanwhile, Malcolm escapes and is on the run from his kidnappers.Best Quote:

Bridget: Sometimes it's easier to lie. You know what I mean. Andrew, no one tells the truth 100% of the time. Being honest... It makes you vulnerable. And that's scary.

ReviewRinger is back after a small hiatus with yet another episode titled after a line from Juliette (I guess I’m repeating myself in saying this, but it’s getting annoying and I have to get it out of my chest) – and it’s a bad one. The title is awful, even more so than this week’s HIMYM, which was equally unimaginative, but at least it didn't contain a misspelled word. Yes, I'm one of those people who don't appreciate jargon spelling variations, especially when it's not a teen show.

As we’ve gotten used to, this episode wasn’t low on surprises and twists. Right when you think you are getting part of the answers, more and more questions are posed. It’s like the hydra legend: cut one head and see two others take its place. There's one thing I will complain about though: sometimes, the pace is too slow for my taste.
This week's episode was focused on the revelation that Siobhan has a twin sister of which she's ashamed of. With the police closing in on her (it's still a mystery to me why did Bridget made sure her fingerprints would be linked to Gemma's disappearance), Bridget had to tell both Henry and Andrew about having a sister. While Henry was not all that affected - as these days he's more distraught by his wife's situation, Andrew's newly found trust in his spouse was challenged once again.  
In fact, Andrew was the focal point of the week, and not only because he learned about his wife's estranged twin sister. Things with Juliette have never been good and it seems that, despite his daughter promising to make an effort and change, that didn't really happen. Juliette will always be a wild card, I assume; she may get over the drug problem at some point, but I feel a relationship with her teacher taking its place only to keep the troubles coming. But to that I won't complain: who wouldn't like to do the wacky with Logan Echols?
As for Bridget, she gets caught up in her web of lies more and more. It's her survival instinct that makes her do rash things sometimes - like leave a message from Bridget to Siobhan just when the police came to question her at her house, or trust in someone she really doesn't know at all with the location of Gemma's car. I'm wondering how long can she keep this up before the entire world crumbles around her. 
And did I call it, or did I call it? I had a hunch Charlie was working for Siobhan and that Gemma's murder (or whatever that was) was the evil twin's doing. OK, maybe evil twin is a bit too much. After all, my guess is she's doing all this because of her love for Henry. Too bad Henry loves his wife after all. 
But the Charlie was not the only surprise. Malcolm's appearance in New York was another. For a guy who managed to escape Bodaway's thugs, he's not all that smart. Not only could the drug lord have someone follow him to New York, but using his credit card when he knew the FBI were looking for Bridget was foolish. I will not even comment on his showing up at Gemma's event. He's probably in love with Bridget, but she has most certainly moved on, if that kiss with Andrew (the episode's best moment) was any indicator.
I'll leave you now with two thoughts: how will Bridget explain that there's no heart beat on the sonogram? Or is there one? And I want to see more of Siobhan, please!
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