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Ringer 1x03: If You Ever Want a French Lesson...

Posted on the 29 September 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

Ringer 1x03: If You Ever Want a French Lesson...

Original Air Date: 27 September 2011

Storyline: Bridget learns she has a potential clue to bring her closer to Siobhan's killer. Bridget discovers some interesting information about Andrew, which causes tension between them. Meanwhile, Agent Machado continues his pursuit of Bridget and tensions flare between Henry and Gemma over their investment in Andrew's hedge fund.Best Quote:

Andrew: You can take Gemma to the ballet tonight. The two of you can talk about how much you hate your husbands.

Review: I agree with those saying that Ringer is nor for everybody. Its convoluted action and slow pace might get old if this genre is not for you. But I find it very compelling though and it just gets better and better, but I am worried about ratings. It's still early days though and I'm getting more and more involved in the story with each new episode.

The stories of the two sisters are starting to be developed more and more in parallel. We still need to see more of Siobhan's new life and her motives - but I'm not one of those who wants everything to be revealed at once. Hearing Sarah Michelle Gellar talk in French is a real treat and we get a tad bit more of that in this episode. Under her new identity, Cora Farrell, Siobhan makes a new connection - Tyler Barrett - an American citizen working from Paris for Banque Trésonne, a subsidiary of Martin/Charles. Go figure! Does she have ulterior motives to want to know him better? That's not even a question, and those will be revealed sooner or later. In the meantime, she also finds out that she's pregnant. 
The great thing about Siobhan is that she seems to be genuinely fond of Henry and being away from him might prove harder than she would have thought, especially with a baby on the way. She's clearly a very complex character and I can't wait to see more of her side of the story.
As for Bridget, she jumps from one problem to another - the newest being that she is stalked by someone who wants the phone she took from the hitman. She's a bit too frantic about everything and it will bite her in the ass at some point. But meeting up with Machado just to show her stalker that she has FBI connections was a smart move. Bridget is not a victim and I like it when she takes matters into her own hands.
Suspecting Andrew of being the one who wanted to kill Siobhan just because she saw a picture matching the one the hitman had does not prove anything, but she's so paranoid that she sees evil everywhere. The final scene between them at the end, though, was heartwarming. Of course, she's still keeping secrets from him and I bet that he's hiding something as well, so playing house with her sister's husband may not last long. And let's not forget that the fake pregnancy issue is still to be addressed.
I ended up feeling really bad for Malcolm. How long will it be until he gives up Bridget's location? Bridget calling him from her sister's phone was the worse idea she could have had. She implicated an innocent man in her problems and it won't end pretty for him. 
I'm still very much hooked in this web of secrets and next week just cannot come sooner. The characters are becoming more and more compelling and I like the slow revealing of the mysteries. Plus, Sarah Michelle Gellar's outfits are absolutely amazing!
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