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Ringer 1x02: She's Ruining Everything

Posted on the 21 September 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

Ringer 1x02: She's Ruining Everything

Original Air Date: 20 September 2011

Storyline: Bridget struggles to figure out a way to cover up a crime she has just committed, while still convincing everyone she's Siobhan Martin. Her old life begins to catch up with her, as FBI Agent Machado decides to stay in New York and learn more about Siobhan's life and inner circle. As Bridget falls further into a web of lies, she confides her secrets to Malcolm, but risks putting him in danger. Andrew and his business partner Olivia throw a party to obtain new clients, which puts a wrench in Bridget's plans, while Gemma and Henry's fighting escalates as Gemma continues to find signs he is having an affair.Trivia: When Bridget considers leaving a message for Malcolm at the beginning of the episode, his phone number is listed as (307) 555-0179. The 307 area code covers all of Wyoming.Best Quote:

FBI Agent: They’re typical Upper East Siders. He’s in finance. She’s on the board of every charity. Married five years. Honeymooned in Paris. Her favorite movie is The Notebook. His is a tie between Raging Bull and Singin' in the Rain.
Machado: How do you know this?
FBI Agent: Facebook. They’re not exactly the type to harbor a fugitive.

Review: Wow at Sarah Michelle Gellar speaking French! I hope we hear more of that while Siobhan takes on Paris.

The second episode of this new show takes a step back from the craziness that was the pilot and slows things down a notch, but that doesn't mean we don't see enough action to keep us on our toes. 
Bridget continues to be trapped in Siobhan's world and things aren't getting any better after she was forced to kill the man who came after her sister. The episode mainly centers on her trying to deal with the body and things don't get easier, as everyone seems to have business to do in the loft. Gemma interrupts her the night of the shooting, agent Machado has the feeling that Siobhan is hiding something in the new apartment and Andrew has the brilliant idea of using it for a party when the site he had previously booked became suddenly unavailable. 
First up, the party thing was a bit stretched. To organize that kind of event in just a few hours in what is basically a construction site doesn't seem believable to me. Also, I doubt a woman would have actually had time to fit the corpse into that trunk in the 20 minutes the organizers took for lunch - unless she was Buffy. On the other hand, it was entertaining to see Bridget struggle with all this and actually succeeding in hiding the body. 
As for the party, I liked how Bridget kept her cool despite having a decomposing corpse in a trunk, with the blood dripping from it, Machado crashing the event to ask questions and having the dead guy's cell phone ring just when Andrew was giving his speech - I kept waiting for her to have a meltdown.
If that's one thing that Ringer did better than in the pilot, it's character development. Bridget is transforming from a fugitive who only wants to run away from her problems into a strong woman who slides into someone else's life and immediately deals with the problems at hand and builds a connection with both Andrew and Juliette, making Siobhan look like a human being to those who knew her only as a cold bitch. it was a nice touch to see Bridget struggle with her addiction when under stress and tempted to get a drink. I hope that the show will address the pregnancy matter soon enough with both sisters - Bridget needs to think of a way to deal with it (hopefully without turning this into a soap opera by having her sleep with Andrew and get pregnant herself), and Siobhan has to find out soon enough about her condition.
The episode has also started to dive into the twins' past, through flashbacks showing Bridget during the time she was an addict and Siobhan was trying to get her out of trouble. Juliette's behavior was a great catalyst for bringing out the past and Bridget thinks she has to stay and help Andrew's daughter because her sister had helped her when she was at her lowest. Little does she know that Siobhan is actually trying to get rid of her, now more than ever, that Bridget cleaned her emergency account.
This show is starting to become more and more interesting as the plot develops and we are given more insight into the characters. Sarah Michelle Gellar got more into character, though I still think there's not much difference between the way she plays the two sisters, but then again, we haven't seen much of Siobhan yet. As for the rest of the cast, they are also getting better at it and I have to say I loved Jaime Murray's appearance as Andrew's business partner, Olivia.
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