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RICE and Peas and a Neat Solution from Therapearl

By Girlontheriver @girlontheriver
Tasty and good for you. But best kept frozen until you eat them.

Tasty and good for you. But best kept frozen until you eat them.

“Tell me you didn’t just eat those peas,” I said to my son as he put his bowl in the sink. He nodded. Oh.

“Those peas” were the frozen peas I’d been using on my fractured ankle to bring down the swelling. They’d been in and out of the freezer every two hours every day for the last week. Frozen, thawed, frozen, thawed, frozen, thawed. And now eaten. Nice. Not just dodgy from a food safety point of view, but also depriving me of my ice pack – an essential part of the RICE formula (rest, ice, compress, elevate).

Well, now we don’t have that problem. I have been sent a genius bit of kit that is already proving invaluable.

Therapearl Compress. Definitely better than peas.

Therapearl Compress. Definitely better than peas.

The TheraPearl Compress is a nifty, re-usable cold pack that you keep in the freezer and use on knees, ankles, backs, necks, black eyes – any bit of you that needs a bit of cold application. They are better than the solid cool gels I’ve tried before, thanks to the little ‘pearls’ inside that make the pack pliable, even when it’s frozen. And unlike peas, they don’t cluster into hard lumps. Or get eaten by hungry children.

My husband road-tested the compress on a black eye and sore rib after his boxing bout and said it was just the ticket. It didn’t get wet as it rested on his skin and was, he reported, more comfortable than frozen peas. And there were peas left over for tea. Win, win.

Therapearl Compress, £7.99 from Boots.

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