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Reykjavik By Way of Chinatown

By Lilveggiepatch @Lilveggiepatch

Two weeks ago, Brien and I met my parents for Easter brunch at Skál, an Icelandic restaurant on the boarder of New York’s Lower East Side and Chinatown. The neighborhood itself was really neat: it’s way East, almost by the Brooklyn Bridge. Although it was chilly, it was one of the first beautiful and sunny days. You can see green leaves are starting to creep out!

skal nyc.jpg

I loved the interior design: sleek bar, painted wood-paneled walls and tables, and so much light. It was a cheery place to spend the holiday!

skal nyc bar.JPG

My dad and Brien teetotaled in favor of fresh orange juice and coffee, while my mom and I each tried an interesting cocktail. My mom’s Same Same But Different was a refreshing bourbon drink, while my Ginger Boy had me fantasizing about our cocktail garden (and our friend Jacob, who is now living in Japan). (And speaking of fantasies I.cannot.wait for finals to be over so I can sit in outdoor gardens and cafés with my friends and while the days away.)

Brien and I shared two dishes: the brussels sprouts with hazelnuts and oysters (which actually came out with chunks of croutons, than returned without oysters the second time around) and the broccoli confit with garlic confit and torn potatoes.

skal nyc brunch.JPG

For the table, house cured gravlax on an everything bagel with herbed skyr, salad + pickles. Because I wasn’t eating the bagel, my loving family let me go to town on the salmon, which was uh-mazing. I could eat lox every day.

skal nyc lox.jpg

It was a lovely holiday, celebrated LVP-family style (less about religion, more about food and togetherness). There are tons of new restaurants cropping up around town every week, and I can’t wait to eat my way through them this season. But for now: finals!

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